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Digital Dentures | VDH Hunt Valley

The dawn of the digital age has arrived in dentistry, and Valley Dental Health makes every effort to stay on top of all the latest advances.

One innovation that interests both Dr. Izadi and Dr. Rafat is digital denture fabrication. Using CAD/CAM technology, it is now possible to fabricate a denture base that adapts much more closely to the patient’s remaining jaw bone than previous techniques. The result is a better fit, better retention, and less food impaction beneath the denture. The digital record that is used to fabricate the patient’s denture is stored electronically and can be used to make a new denture in case of emergency, often times with no additional appointments and in only a couple of days – a benefit that any denture wearer would like to have…just in case!

Dr. Izadi and Dr. Rafat are both trained in fabricating digital dentures using this process, so if you are interested contact us to see if you’re a candidate.