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The oldest known dental disease | VDH Hunt Valley

cimg0819-s-triassicus-close-upDo you have any idea how long dental disease has been around? Since the time of the Ancient Romans? Since the time of the great Pharaohs? Since the time of Cro-Magnon Man?

As it turns out, dental disease is at least 190 million years old according to new research published in Chinese Science Bulletin.

A dinosaur fossil was recently discovered and examined by a team of scientists and dentists. X-rays were used to determine that the dinosaur had broken teeth while eating something very hard. The team of researchers postulate that the trauma that caused the broken teeth also caused problems with the dinosaur’s gums and jaw bone.

If only Valley Dental Health was around 190 million years ago! Scientists may have found a dinosaur fossil with a dental implant rather than one with broken teeth and dental disease!