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Say CHEESE! | VDH Hunt Valley, MD

Perfect Pieces of Swiss Cheese. XXLWhat’s the best way to fend of cavities?

Brushing? Yes!

Flossing? Yes!

Regular checkups with routine x-rays at Valley Dental Health? Yes!

Home and professional fluoride treatments? Yes!

Cheese? Huh?

Cheese has always been viewed as a dentally-acceptable snack due to its low sugar content and low cariogenicity (a term used to describe how likely a product is to cause dental caries, aka “cavities” or “tooth decay”). A new study suggests that cheese can also be protective of teeth.

As it turns out, cheese stimulates natural saliva which can help buffer acids produced by bacteria that can lead to cavities. Cheese also has ingredients that can help to remineralize teeth, protecting them from future breakdown.

So what’s your favorite kind of cheese?