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Swimmers and enamel erosion | VDH Hunt Valley

swimmerThis time of year in the Baltimore Metro area is hot…really hot! What better way to cool off than a nice swim in the pool? But make sure you visit your dentist to make sure your teeth are still in good shape after a summer filled with swimming. Wait, what?

A recent study monitored competitive swimmers in India, and found that the extent of enamel erosion experienced by each swimmer was directly proportional to the amount of time spent in the pool. It is theorized that exposure to chlorine in the pools is what is causing the increase in enamel erosion.

The optimum pH for chlorinated pool water is 7.4, which is the pH of the fluid in the human body and in the tissues that line our mouths and eyes. However, in reality, the pH of pool water is typically lower than 7.4.

If you or your children are competitive swimmers, make sure to have your teeth checked out a Valley Dental Health in Hunt Valley, MD to ensure that the effects of acid erosion are not causing irreparable damage to your teeth.