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Header1For years in America, the field of dentistry was considered to be a separate entity from the field of medicine. Yes, both dentists and physicians are referred to as “doctor,” but conditions in the mouth were often considered to be independent of any conditions elsewhere in the body.

This paradigm is swiftly changing, however, and every day more evidence is discovered that links oral health and systemic health. Check out this article to see what some oral conditions might be telling you about what could be happening in the rest of your body.

The oral cavity is the entrance of the digestive system and, together with the nasal cavity, also the entrance of the respiratory system. Anything that travels through the mouth will enter the blood stream through the stomach, intestines or lungs. So the link between disease or health in the mouth and disease or health elsewhere in the body is clear.

Your dentists at Valley Dental Health feel that overall health cannot be achieved without oral health. Make sure you contact us if you have any questions regarding your oral health.