Feeling anxious about the dentist? We are here to help! | Hunt Valley, MD

Have you been avoiding a trip to the dentist due to fear or anxiety? This is a common reason for avoiding the dentist’s chair and putting off routine preventive care visits: the foundation for maintaining good oral health.

Unfortunately, small dental health problems will quickly become big (and often painful) dental health problems when left untreated, resulting in the need for extensive and expensive restorative dental treatments.

At Valley Dental Health in Hunt Valley, Dr. Rafat and Dr. Izadi offer the solutions necessary to help patients relax and regain their confidence while undergoing a dental procedure. The staff of Valley Dental Health, experienced in treating patients with anxiety, will take the time to discuss the concerns a patient may have about their oral health and possible dental treatment. In many situations, taking the time to fully explain a dental procedure and discuss possible anesthesia options provides the level of comfort needed to help a patient overcome their anxiety.

In more complex situations or during a more involved dental procedure, Dr. Rafat or Dr. Izadi may recommend the use of sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry can enable a patient to undergo a dental procedure while in a mild “euphoric” state whereby they are awake but won’t recall much of the procedure afterwards. Valley Dental Health offers several types of sedation: nitrous oxide, IV sedation and oral sedation. The most popular, nitrous oxide sedation is administered without the use an injection (often a cause for fear and anxiety during a dental procedure) and allows patients to remain fully awake during a procedure without feeling any pain. This type of anesthesia has no after effects and patients can drive themselves home after treatment!

For relief from the after effects of local anesthetics, Valley Dental Health offers Oraverse: this reverses the numbing effect and allows patients who received a local numbing agent to return to their regular daily routine without drooling and loss of feeling in the treated area.

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from living a healthy lifestyle- good oral health is an important part of overall physical health and well being. Valley Dental Health can help you restore your oral health and begin to look forward to a trip to the dentist!

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