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A root canal can benefit long term oral health! | Hunt Valley, MD

Root canals often get a bad rap among dental patients, but they are a “life saving” treatment when it comes to long term oral health!

A root canal preserves the natural tooth, preventing the need for a tooth extraction and helping to maintain oral health in a variety of ways.

Hunt Valley dentist Dr. Roham Rafat and Dr. Ashley Izadi will always recommend a root canal when appropriate to save a patient’s natural tooth. Losing a tooth can lead to additional dental health issues, including bone loss in the jaw where the tooth root used to be. Over time, this can lead to shifting of the teeth and imbalance in the bite.

Dr. Rafat has advanced training and expertise in the field of periodontics and is well qualified to offer his Baltimore area dental patients root canal therapy for a damaged or diseased tooth. Dr. Rafat is also one of a very few area dentist who are certified in and offer IV sedation dentistry. This type of sedation is very effective for patients with dental anxiety who wish to be completely relaxed and unaware of their surroundings during a procedure.

“How much will it hurt?” is the most common question asked concerning a root canal procedure! What many patients don’t realize is that a root canal will take away the pain they are most likely experiencing due to a diseased tooth. Most patients report that the root canal was no more uncomfortable than a dental filling procedure.

Once a root canal has been performed on a damaged tooth, a dental crown may be placed to strengthen the tooth and ensure long term results.

Root canals can improve your oral health- don’t avoid the dentist due to concerns about treatment for a tooth that is painful, sensitive or changing color. Contact Valley Dental Health and discuss your options with Dr. Rafat or Dr. Izadi.