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The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone

Brush-and-FlossHealthy habits are contagious, and the benefits are far-reaching. Mounting evidence supports the idea that health is a continuum, not to be separated into the two separate entities of “oral health” and “systemic health.”

Check out this article that examines some of the systemic conditions that are thought to be linked to oral health. Gingivitis, or “gum disease,” is one of the first signs of inflammation in the oral cavity. As the title of this blog suggests, inflammation that originates in the mouth can reach elsewhere in the body through the blood stream and impact other organs negatively.

Another salient point – in addition to maintaining your existing teeth and oral soft tissues in health, it is also important to replace missing teeth. Studies suggest that individuals with more missing teeth tend to consume less fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins and tend to consume more highly-processed foods. The theory is that the more teeth are missing, the more difficult it is to chew, and the easier it is to consume more highly-processed food items. As a result, individuals with more missing teeth tend to be at a higher level of risk for the development of health conditions like high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and diabetes. Missing teeth can be replaced with a variety of treatments including implants, fixed bridges, and removable dentures or a combination thereof.

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