Moving towards a “better” cola | VDH Hunt Valley/Cockeysville

red lips drinking coke image fffoundThe soda industry has taken quite a hit in recent years, with more consumers moving away from drinks sweetened with sugar (or high fructose corn syrup) or with artificial sweeteners. The Coca-Cola Company has received much scrutiny for its lack of attention to what the public wants. But they are trying to change that.

Coca-Cola has been doing a lot of consumer research, and they will soon release their answer to the sugar and artificial sweetener dilemma – Coca-Cola Life. This drink is sweetened with sugar (significantly less than the standard Coca-Cola) AND Stevia, thereby reducing the total calorie and sugar content without having to substitute artificial sweeteners.

If the drink is greeted with any degree of success, you can expect to see Pepsi Cola releasing its own version of a Stevia-sweetened beverage. Other Stevia-sweetened carbonated beverages do exist in the marketplace, but so far they have been limited in release to stores like Whole Foods and MOMs Organic Markets.

Next on the horizon? Our guess is carbonated beverages sweetened with Xylitol, the naturally-occurring sugar alcohol that is not only great for diabetics and those wishing to reduce sugar intake, but also has beneficial effects on teeth. Research is currently being conducted on the beneficial impacts of Xylitol when combined with sugar in foods and beverages.

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