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We Have Solutions For Dental Anxiety

sedation dentistry hunt valley mdOne of the top reasons for poor oral health (and resulting complex dental problems) is avoiding the dentist because of dental anxiety.

Fear of the dentist is a real concern for many patients that can have a wide range of causes, but frequently the same outcome: poor dental health. While many believe that they can avoid dental care without consequences, this could not be farther from the truth. In addition to dental problems, poor oral health can also impact overall health and well being, having been linked to an increased risk or increased severity of cardiovascular and systemic disease.

Hunt Valley dentists Dr. Rafat and Dr. Izadi welcome patients who have been avoiding dental care and will take the time to understand their concerns and fears. They offer compassion, patient education and sedation dentistry options that enable patients to begin their journey back to optimal oral health. In some cases, just gaining a better understanding of their dental care can alleviate anxiety and provide the confidence a patient needs to restore their dental health.

Sedation Dentistry For Better Oral Health

In addition to oral conscious sedation options, Dr. Rafat is one of only a few dentist in the Baltimore area trained and certified in the administration of IV sedation. This option requires careful monitoring of the patient during a procedure to ensure their comfort and their safety.

  • Oral sedation: administered in pill form, oral sedation allows patients to be cooperative yet completely relaxed
  • Nitrous oxide: also called “laughing gas”, this is administered through a mask and also allows the patient to be “conscious” but relaxed. One of the key benefits is that the effects diminish quickly once the mask is removed.

Don’t suffer with dental problems that may also be compromising your overall health! Schedule a visit with Dr. Rafat or Dr. Izadi at Valley Dental Health and reclaim your natural, healthy smile.