Valley Dental Health Invisalign Day



What Is Invisalign Day? Below you will find everything you need to get you ready for this day of smiles! If you have any questions, please call us at (410) 609-3358.

We can’t wait to help you on your smile journey!

Step 1

Watch Our Video

Watch Valley Dental Health's Invisalign video to learn more about what to expect from your Invisalign treatment.

Step 2

Here are your financial options…

If you choose to apply for financing we strongly recommend that you start the process in advance of your scheduled Invisalign Day appointment.

Step 3

Insurance Information

Contact our office at 410.666.1178. Our insurance experts will gladly take down your dental insurance information. Typically, adult orthodontics is not a covered benefit in most dental insurance plans, but we will find out for you!

Step 4

Spin The Wheel!

Get your wheel-spinning hand warmed up and sprinkle it with some tooth fairy dust for good luck - we will have a prize wheel with an electric toothbrush, zoom whitening, and an even deeper discount on your Invisalign treatment!

We Can't Wait To Make You Smile!

Watch A Real Patient Testimonial!

Invisalign treatment at Valley Dental Health is truly life-changing. So many patients have expressed to us how they have been able to set goals they never thought possible, all because of their smiles.
Get excited!

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