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Tooth ExtractionAn Overview

Tooth extractions are performed in our Cockeysville dental office by Dr. Ashley Izadi or Dr. Roham Rafat. Wisdom teeth removal is one of top tooth extraction procedures in our office. Other reasons for tooth extraction might include teeth that are crowded, broken, damaged, or decayed.

Tooth pain can be some of the most unbearable pain that people experience. Usually the first thought is that it would be best to remove the painful tooth. But many times, it is actually in the patient’s best interest to preserve the natural tooth with either root canal therapy or other treatment methods.

If you need a tooth extraction, it is important to also consider replacement options for the missing tooth. After a tooth is removed, the bone begins to deteriorate. The teeth that remain can start to migrate into the open area, leading to potential problems with the fit of the bite and TMJ function.

Baltimore Periodontist Roham Rafat, DDS, MS

Dr. Rafat of Valley Dental Health is a periodontist, specializing in implant dentistry and the replacement of missing teeth. He is one of the most qualified dentists in the Baltimore area for advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Valley Dental Health is an all-in-one treatment center for dental implants, meaning that our dentists will handle every phase of your treatment in our Cockeysville dental office.

Tooth Extraction What to Expect

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

To keep or not to keep… That is the question surrounding many patients with wisdom teeth. The conventional thought is that wisdom teeth should be extracted sometime in the late-teens to early-20’s. This is when the wisdom teeth have started to emerge but have not yet completely formed, making them easier to extract. Many times, due to lack of space or improper angulation, this is also when they start causing pain.

However, for many patients wisdom teeth erupt and are well-aligned with enough space. So why are so many wisdom teeth still being extracted?

Dr. Izadi and Dr. Rafat agree with new guidelines issued by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons which state that healthy wisdom teeth need not be extracted simply because they are wisdom teeth. The latest guidelines also underscore the importance of preventative care – including routine cleanings, fluoride treatment, examinations and x-rays – in monitoring the health and viability of retained wisdom teeth.

Due to the position of the wisdom teeth in the back of each jaw, they can be difficult to reach for proper cleaning. This can lead to decay and periodontal (gum) disease. In some cases, the decay can be treated and the gums can be adjusted to maintain these wisdom teeth in proper health and function. In other cases, however, patients do benefit from wisdom teeth extraction. Some patients have painful impactions, decay, or gum issues that cannot be treated as long as the wisdom teeth is still present.

Dr. Izadi and Dr. Rafat customize each patient’s treatment plan to best fit his or her needs, including the decision of keeping or extracting wisdom teeth. If you have any questions regarding your wisdom teeth, do not hesitate to contact us.