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Yes- Brushing and Flossing Is Important

At your routine preventive dental care visit to our Hunt Valley dentist office, Drs. Rafat and Izadi and your dental hygienist stress the importance of a good daily oral hygiene routine for maintaining your smile. This includes tooth brushing AND flossing- they are both equally important for preventing tooth decay and gum disease!

Tooth brushing, while important, only removes about 65% of the plaque on the surface of your teeth- the rest of it is trapped between your teeth and needs to be removed by dental floss. Flossing each day- only once!- is the best way to dramatically reduce your risk of tooth decay, periodontal disease and other dental problems that can develop as bacteria builds up around the gum line and between your teeth.

During your visit, we can make personalized recommendations for oral hygiene techniques and products that will make your daily routine easier and more effective. Feel free to ask any questions or bring up your concerns when you are here so that we can help you maintain your best smile between visits- and for a lifetime!

We want to be a partner in your dental care and believe that the best dentistry is a doctor-patient collaboration. We also encourage our young patients to begin flossing, hoping it will become a natural daily habit. There are great flossing products available today to make this easy for little hands and those helping them.

Schedule A Routine Visit

If it has been more than 6 months since your last visit with us- or to any dentist- we want to welcome you back! Restoring a healthy smile is a great way to get back on track this year with an overall healthy lifestyle. We welcome patients of all ages, and work with those who suffer with a fear of the dentist so that they can once again enjoy a comfortable and healthy smile. We serve Cockeysville, Hunt Valley, Phoenix, Sparks and many local communities.

Routine dental care is the foundation of your lasting oral health. Call our office or use our convenient online request form to schedule your appointment in our Hunt Valley dentist office.