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What Are Dental Implants? Hunt Valley, MD

A dental implant is made up of 3 parts: the implant post, the abutment, and the prosthetic tooth. Dr. Roham Rafat is one of the most highly trained periodontists in the Hunt Valley, MD, area and can perform every phase of the dental implant process.

The benefits of implant dentistry are endless compared to other missing teeth options. A dental implant functions like a natural tooth, enabling patients to enjoy normal speech and a healthy diet without restrictions.

A permanent and durable treatment option for missing teeth, dental implants support bone regeneration, healthy gums, and overall oral health. Dental implants are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. With proper dental care and good oral hygiene, a dental implant can last a lifetime.

What Are Dental Implants? in Hunt Valley, MD

Parts Of The Dental Implant

Prosthetic Tooth

The prosthetic tooth can be a dental crown for a single missing tooth. The dental crown is typically cemented or screwed onto the abutment. A dental bridge or denture will be used for multiple missing teeth.

They can be secured to the abutment by simply snapping them into place. The prosthetic tooth is the part that will look like a tooth (teeth) and will be color-matched to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

The Abutment

This is a small part that connects to the implant post. Dr. Rafat will connect the abutment to the implant post after it has fully fused to the bone. It usually takes around 3-6 months for it to fuse. The abutment will screw right onto the implant post and will sit right at the gum line. This part will support the dental prosthesis.

Implant Post

This is the bottom part of the dental implant that is surgically embedded into your jawbone below the gum line. It is cylinder-shaped and resembles a screw. It’s made up of bio-compatible titanium that will eventually fuse to the jaw bone creating a permanent and secure bond.

This titanium post will act as the tooth root. Dr. Rafat will surgically place this bio-compatible titanium post at his dental office in Hunt Valley, MD.

The Dental Implant Process

The procedure for dental implants requires multiple visits over several months. Dr. Rafat has the training and expertise to offer full services for dental implants, with all phases being performed at his Hunt Valley, MD, dentist’s office.

After the comprehensive evaluation, he will create a personalized treatment plan.

Placing the Implant Post – Dr. Rafat will surgically place the dental implant into the bone. The implant post will need 3-6 months to heal and integrate with the natural bone. Depending on your case and the position of the missing tooth or teeth, a temporary crown may be placed in the mouth while the implant heals.

Restoring the Dental Implant – While the dental implant is healing, your dental crown, denture, or bridge will be fabricated at a dental laboratory according to Dr. Rafat’s specifications.

Once the dental implant has fully fused with your jaw bone, Dr. Rafat will attach the abutment to the implant post and then attach the prosthetic tooth to the abutment.