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Hunt Valley, MD Dentist Office Technology

Technology is one of the cornerstones of Valley Dental Health. Our dentists combine tried and true dental treatments with the latest techniques and technology to deliver patients with safer, more comfortable care and faster, more precise treatments.

When you visit our Hunt Valley, MD, dental office, you can feel confident that you are receiving both the finest and most advanced dental care.

Our Technology in Hunt Valley, MD

Modern Digital Dental Office

Digital technology is integrated with our daily life, the same is true for a modern dental practice like ours. Patients enjoy access to free Wi-Fi throughout the office. Our dental rooms are equipped with television, computers, and Pandora radio.

We use many forms of digital technology in our treatments and services, from digital x-rays to digital patient management. There are many benefits of the digital technologies we use:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Space saving (no need for bulky storage)
  • 24/7 access to emergency services
  • Easy to share with specialists and other physicians when needed
  • Safer – digital x-rays expose patients to 90% less radiation
  • More comfortable – digital impressions instead of impression trays
  • Faster – images and scans can be taken in seconds
  • Better record-keeping – digital images can be easily compared to monitor changes in the dental system more easily than traditional film x-rays or printed photographs

Full and Limited Field CBCT (3d x-ray)

Our high-resolution CBCT scanner can produce 2D and 3D images for use in diagnostics and treatment planning. This enables us to offer more accurate treatment with improved results and is especially useful when planning the placement of dental implants.

NOMAD Digital X-Ray

The NOMAD handheld digital x-ray system not only reduces the amount of radiation you are exposed to, it comes to your chairside for quick and convenient diagnostics. The immediately available, high-resolution images improve our diagnostic ability and enhance your treatment planning.

Intra Oral Scanner

No more goop! The intraoral scanner is a convenient, handheld device that is used to take high-resolution digital impressions- no need for those uncomfortable, gooey impression trays.

Oral Cancer Screening

We use Identafi® multi-spectral oral cancer screening technology in our office. Oral cancer is a growing problem in the United States. While it is one of the most curable cancers (80-90%), only about 1/3 of all cases are found in the early stages. Identifi® uses special wavelengths of light to excite oral tissue and identify abnormal cells.

This is used as an adjunct to our visual screening, helping us to identify oral cancer in early stages and recommend the best care for our patients.

Sedation Dentistry

We are one of the few dentists in the Baltimore area to offer a full range of options for sedation dentistry, including IV sedation. In Maryland, IV sedation is only available through specially trained oral surgeons and dentists.

Dr. Ashley Izadi and Dr. Roham Rafat trained with world-renowned Dental Anesthesiologists Dr. Ken Reed and Dr. Stanley Malamed and are certified in Maryland to administer IV sedation to patients at our Hunt Valley dental office.


In addition, we offer Oraverse™, an injection that reverses the side effects of anesthesia. Patients feel more comfortable and relaxed during their treatment and then can leave feeling confident that they don’t have the unwanted side effects of numbness or difficulty speaking, swallowing, or eating.

Patient Safety & Sterilization

Patient safety is our top priority. We meet or exceed all of the local, state and federal guidelines for dental office safety and sterilization. We use an autoclave to properly sterilize our tools. This is monitored regularly to ensure that it meets our high standard of care.