Dentures & Partials Hunt Valley, MD

Are you looking for replacement teeth, but don’t want dentures? Are your current dentures causing gum pain and discomfort?

Dr. Roham Rafat is a periodontist and perio-prosthodontist near Hunt Valley, MD, specializing in the replacement of missing teeth. We offer several options for modern dentures.

Full and partial dentures can be retained by natural teeth or dental implants. New materials and techniques can give you the most comfortable and natural-looking results.

The dawn of the digital age has arrived in dentistry, and Valley Dental Health makes every effort to stay on top of all the latest advances. Today’s dentures are more natural-looking and comfortable than their traditional counterparts. Dentures can be made using high-quality acrylic or porcelain materials.

One innovation that interests both Dr. Izadi and Dr. Rafat is digital denture fabrication. Using CAD/CAM technology, it is now possible to fabricate a denture base that adapts much more closely to the patient’s remaining jaw bone than previous techniques.

The result is a better fit, better retention, and less food impaction beneath the denture. The digital record that is used to fabricate the patient’s denture is stored electronically and can be used to make a new denture in case of an emergency. Dr. Izadi and Dr. Rafat are both trained in fabricating digital dentures using this process.

Types of Dentures

The type of denture you receive will depend on the number and placement of missing teeth you have. It is also dependent on your lifestyle and budget. Dental implant-secured dentures provide added benefits and stability for those who are looking for a more permanent solution.

Full Dentures – Full dentures are used to replace all of the upper or lower teeth. Dentures can be either traditional or retained by implants. As few as two dental implants may be needed to secure the denture in place, greatly increasing the success rate and satisfaction of the restoration.

Implant-secured dentures offer a number of benefits compared to traditional removable dentures, including:

  • Better retention, no chance of slippage or fear of teeth falling out
  • Improved health of bone and gums
  • Ability to eat without restrictions
  • No daily use of adhesive is needed
  • More natural look and feel
  • Support integrity of facial structure

Same-day Dentures

Many patients who need all of their remaining teeth extracted are good candidates for same-day dentures. Traditionally, teeth are extracted and the jaw bone is allowed to heal prior to the fabrication of a complete denture.

With same-day dentures, teeth can be extracted on the same day as the denture delivery, so the patient does not have to go without teeth. This greatly improves function as well as comfort for the patient.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are similar to a dental bridge in that they replace a series of teeth but not all teeth in the jaw. They basically fill in the blanks in your smile. They are usually retained by natural teeth by using metal clasps.

This restoration is removable for cleaning and nightly storage. Dental implants can also be used to increase the stability and retention of a partial denture.

Dentures & Partials: FAQs

How much do dentures cost?
The cost of dentures depends on your specific condition, the type of dentures you choose and the materials we use. The dentist will review the denture cost along with any other details prior to treatment. If you have dental insurance, we will submit claims on your behalf. For treatment not covered by insurance, we offer several flexible payment options.

Do you do denture repair?

If you need denture repair, please contact our office. In some cases, we may be able to repair your denture in the office or the same day, and in other cases, we may need to send your denture to a dental laboratory for repair. Other times, we may recommend a denture replacement.

Can I wear my dentures at night?

You can wear your dentures at night, however it is recommended that if they are removable, you remove them to sleep. Removing your dentures at night gives your jaw and gums time to breathe. Removing dentures at night also gives patients a reason to clean them daily, which is great for the life of the dentures and the patient’s overall health.

Can you eat normally with dentures?

Dentures are supposed to work like natural teeth, so patients should be able to eat whatever they want with dentures in. It usually takes patients a few days to adjust to eating. Until patients are comfortable it is recommended that they avoid hard candy or sticky foods. One thing that should be avoided with dentures is chewing gum. The gum will get stuck underneath your dentures and create a mess.

Can you have a tooth extraction and get dentures on the same day?

Yes, this is entirely possible. Dentures that you can get directly after extraction are called immediate dentures, also known as temporary dentures. Many patients fear going into public after having teeth pulled with an empty smile. Immediate dentures eliminate this fear while you wait for your final restoration.