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All About Root Canals

Why are root canals one of the most feared dental procedures? You might have heard that they’re painful or risky, but are they really that bad? Dr. Ashley Izadi and Dr. Roham Rafat at Valley Dental Health in Cockeysville, MD…


Ready For A More Confident Smile?

Are crooked teeth affecting your quality of life? For many with teeth that overlap or that appear crooked or misaligned, there is a feeling of embarrassment when it comes to smiling easily and often. Crooked teeth can also be detrimentally…


How Can Technology Improve Your Dental Care?

The field of dentistry has been the recipient and benefactor of the advances made in a range of technologies, from digital diagnostics to improved materials with superior adhesive properties. As a full-service dental practice, Valley Dental Health has been an…


Is Your Smile Falling Apart?

Do you have missing teeth? Damaged teeth? Crooked teeth? Are your gums red, receding or bleeding? Complex dental problems and poor oral health can have a wide range of causes from trauma to dental anxiety and lack of good care,…


Pediatric Dentistry at Valley Dental Health

At Valley Dental Health, we are committed to the wellness and long-term health of each of our patients, especially our pediatric patients. We are an experienced family dentistry practice in Cockeysville, MD. It is important for children to start healthy oral hygiene…


Did you know you have a superpower?

Your smile is your superpower! People who smile more often enjoy a fuller life, have lower stress levels, may live longer and are perceived as more attractive. Smiling makes you feel good and has been scientifically proven to make others…