COVID-19: Virtual Consultations

COVID-19 Virtual dental consultationsDuring the time of recommended office closure as we do our part to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, Dr. Ashley Izadi and Dr. Roham Rafat will still be available for consultations. We are all constantly wishing we had more time – now we have it! 

Have you always wanted to discuss a smile makeover?

With just one frontal smile picture we can show you the power of digital dentistry during a virtual consult.

Do you have so much anxiety over dentistry that you can’t even make an appointment to go to the office? A virtual consult might be just what you need to start developing a comfort level with your Valley Dental Health dentists. Whatever you want to discuss – we are here for you. Technology has given us the opportunity to continue providing smiles for our community, even if the Coronavirus is trying to limit us!

Email now for your consultation time at

We look forward to making you smile!