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Cosmetic Dental Care Q&A

Are you interested in cosmetic dental care but have questions about your treatment options? We’re here to help. Our dental practice offers high-quality, comprehensive cosmetic dental care in Cockeysville, MD. We work with patients to individually plan their treatment and help find the right solutions to their cosmetic problems. Whether patients want a brighter smile with whitening treatment or need to address crooked teeth with Invisalign, we are happy to assist them during their smile makeover.

Cosmetic Dental Care Cockeysville, MD

FAQs: Cosmetic Dental Care in Cockeysville, MD

Read answers to popular questions about cosmetic dentistry:

What is digital smile design?

A digital smile design is a unique dental tool that allows us to create a mockup of the smile using 3-d imaging. We use this design to plan treatment accurately. Patients also get to “try on” their smile and are a part of the treatment process every step of the way.  We typically use a digital smile design for patients who undergo a smile makeover. Smile makeovers can address problems like dental injuries, discoloration, crooked teeth, and even tooth loss.

When will I see results from my teeth whitening treatment?

Patients will see near immediate results with our in-office Venus White Max treatment. It may take several weeks for patients to see results from their take-home treatment. Each patient reacts differently to whitening treatment and has different levels of discoloration. We work with patients to ensure they meet their cosmetic dental goals with their whitening treatment.

Do I need to wear Invisalign at night?

Yes, patients will need to wear Invisalign aligners during sleep. For the best results, patients must wear their aligners for 22 hours daily. Patients can remove their aligners to eat, brush, and floss. Wearing Invisalign for the correct amount of time will make it easier for us to plan treatment and give patients an idea of their total treatment length.

How long do dental veneers last?

Traditional porcelain dental veneers can last from fifteen to twenty years. Patients must be committed to veneers because we must prepare their teeth for treatment. Preparing teeth removes part of the tooth enamel to ensure the veneers look and feel natural. We can replace veneers after many years, but patients will not be able to show their natural teeth without a cosmetic dental option like veneers. Flossing and brushing gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush will also extend the life of dental veneers. Patients need to clean their veneers like natural teeth to prevent staining and bacteria build up.

Do you want to make over your smile with cosmetic dental care? Call Valley Dental Health for 443-733-6613. You can also request a dental appointment with us on our website. Please let us know if you have questions for us. We can answer them for you at your next visit.