Answering Questions About All On Four

The All On Four treatment uses as few as four dental implants to support an upper or lower arch of missing teeth. We offer All On Four in Hunt Valley, MD, for patients who have full arches of missing teeth. Some patients with missing teeth may be unfamiliar with this modern restorative treatment, which is why we welcome our patients to learn about All On Four. We are here to answer your questions about restorative care.

Answering Questions About All On Four

FAQs: All On Four in Hunt Valley, MD

Read answers to commonly asked questions that patients have about All On Four treatment:

Are All On Four implants comfortable?

Yes, in fact, many patients may find that All On Four is much more comfortable than the alternatives. Traditional dentures lay on top of the gums and slip around the mouth, making it more difficult to eat and speak properly. Dental implants stabilize dentures, so patients don’t need to worry about false teeth slipping. Patients can also bite and chew evenly with All On Four.

Can I receive All On Four if I have bone loss?

Yes, we often recommend All On Four treatment for patients who have problems like jaw bone loss and Osteoporosis. Bone grafting, or adding healthy bone to the jaw, is not required for All On Four. Instead, we can strategically place dental implants to maximize the bone that we can use during treatment.

How do you clean All On Four implants?

You can clean your implant-secured dentures similarly to how you would clean your natural teeth. We recommend that patients use a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to prevent damage to their false teeth. Abrasive materials like charcoal can damage false teeth. You can also use a variety of flossers, including water flossers, to conveniently clean your smile.

Do I need a tooth extraction before All On Four?

We may recommend a dental extraction for patients with many missing teeth if they have remaining unhealthy teeth. Removing decayed and damaged teeth before implant treatment can prevent implant destabilization. Dental implants can fail to fuse with the jaw bone if the gums or bone are affected by an infection. We will also thoroughly examine your smile to determine if All On Four is right for you and if you require extraction prior to treatment.

How long do All On Four implants last?

With the right care, All On Four can last 20 or more years. The surgical process and durable titanium materials allow implants to fully fuse with the jawbone and improve the health of the smile.

Restore your smile with All On Four. Schedule a dental appointment at Valley Dental Health today. You can also call our Hunt Valley dental office for treatment today at 410.803.5587. If you have any remaining questions about the All On Four treatment, please let us know.