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Reduce Your Oral Cancer Risk With Routine Screening

Oral cancer remains on the rise, despite the fact that a quick, painless screening can catch this disease in the early stage and save lives.

At Valley Dental Health, Dr. Rafat and Dr. Izadi perform oral cancer screenings during routine preventive care exams, enhanced with the use of Identafi® multi-spectral technology. The combination of a visual examination and the use of fluorescent light technology is very effective in spotting changes in soft tissue that can indicate the presence of pre-cancerous or cancerous cells. A screening is completed in a matter of minutes, often without the patient realizing what we are looking for. It is quick and painless, but could save a patient’s life.

With over 40,000 new cases being diagnosed annually, an oral cancer screening is another important reason for visiting the dentist on a regular basis. When caught early, oral cancer can typically be successfully treated and a full recovery is expected. However, many cases are diagnosed in the later stages when the survival rate drops to around 50%. Reduce your risk by visiting our Hunt Valley dentist office twice a year for preventive dental care.

Signs of Oral Cancer

Understanding the common signs of oral cancer is also important and can enable patients to be an active participant in their health care. This can be especially important for patients who may be at a higher risk of developing an oral cancer.

  • Sore or lump in the back of the mouth or on the tongue
  • Red or white patches on soft tissues of the mouth
  • Feeling of something stuck in the throat or consistent sore throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Numbness of the tongue or other areas in the mouth

If you use tobacco, smoke, have had an active HPV infection or exposure to this type of virus you may be at a greater risk of developing an oral cancer. Mention your concerns or risk factors to Dr. Rafat or Dr. Izadi at your next dental appointment.