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All About Root Canals

Why are root canals one of the most feared dental procedures? You might have heard that they’re painful or risky, but are they really that bad? Dr. Ashley Izadi and Dr. Roham Rafat at Valley Dental Health in Cockeysville, MD want you to know that root canals are nothing to fear!

Infected Teeth

Teeth, while hard on the outside, are filled with sensitive tissues, which dentists refer to as the pulp. If this pulp becomes infected, whether due to a cavity or even a chip or crack on the tooth’s surface, it can cause a painful abscess which needs to be treated. Even an infection in a tooth can put your overall health at risk, so it’s critical to take care of these issues early. The treatment for this abscess in the root canals of the teeth is often a root canal treatment.

How Do I Know if I Need a Root Canal?

There are some universal symptoms that may indicate you need a root canal. If you have one specific tooth that’s sensitive to temperature, or if it hurts to chew, let your dentist know. You might also have inflamed or sensitive gums in the same area. Your dentist will want to perform an exam to determine the most conservative treatment.

The Root Canal Procedure

As with many dental procedures, the first step of the root canal procedure is to numb the area. Then, your dentist will drill down into the crown of the tooth to remove all of the infected pulp. Adults don’t need the pulp because the tooth can receive nutrients from the surrounding tissues.

Once the infected pulp is gone, a special material is placed inside the tooth to fill it until the crown is created. In some cases, severe tooth decay has compromised the roots and a small metal rod is inserted to hold the tooth in place in the gums.

The final step of the procedure is to create and place a crown over the affected tooth. This crown, just like a regular filling, will match the natural hue of the teeth and seal the tooth to prevent bacteria from causing problems. Within a few days, your tooth will be good as new!

Is It Painful?

Fortunately, modern dental technology has transformed the root canal procedure, and it’s usually similar to getting a filling placed. The team at Valley Dental Health has many years of experience with this procedure.

If you start to experience symptoms of tooth decay, make sure you schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid complex dental problems. Call 443-733-6613 or request an appointment online today!