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The Importance of Preventative Dental Care

The coronavirus pandemic has left many of our patients unable to receive their regularly scheduled preventative dental care. It is recommended that patients see a professional dentist at least once every six months to help ensure optimal dental health. As we begin to reopen our Cockeysville, MD dental practice, we wanted to provide some additional information on the importance of preventative care. Here are some things to know before scheduling your next oral hygiene appointment:

Your Dental Health Affects Your Overall Health

Your dental health is intertwined with your overall health. When your teeth, gums, or jawbone experience decay, infection, or pain, this means your body’s health system is at risk. This is because your mouth is an entryway to both your digestive and respiratory systems. Dental concerns have been linked to health concerns like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even issues with fertility. It’s important that you maintain your dental health by scheduling regular exams and cleanings with a professional dentist. During your appointment, your teeth will be cleaned, reducing the amount of harmful plaque and tartar bacteria on your teeth surfaces. You will also be informed of any underlying concerns before they develop into larger, more costly issues.

Preventative Care Saves Time and Money

Often, many costly dental procedures could have been avoided with preventative care. Many dental concerns do not present obvious symptoms until they are in the later stages of development, causing pain, discomfort, and even tooth loss. This means that your teeth, gums, or jawbone could have an issue that you are completely unaware of at this time.  When you schedule a preventative care appointment, you are allowing a trained dental professional to keep a close eye on your dental health. X-rays are also taken to ensure that anything going on below the surface is caught ahead of time and planned for accordingly. Additionally, dental cleanings ensure that any buildup on your teeth surfaces do not advance further into gum disease. By avoiding these major dental issues with preventative care, you are saving yourself time spent in the dental chair as well as the costs of major dental procedures.

Patient Safety is Our Priority

We do not want our patients to experience the consequences of being unable to receive preventative dental care. As we reopen our office, we want our patients to know that we prioritize their safety.  We are proud that our safety and infection control protocols have always met and exceeded guidelines as set by the CDC, ADA, OSHA, and state safety and health agencies. At Valley Dental Health, we prioritize the safety of our team, our patients, and anyone else who enters our dental home. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have added to our usual stringent practices as well as revised and refined existing protocols. We encourage our patients to get to know our safety initiatives before scheduling their next appointment. Our focus on meeting and exceeding health and safety requirements in the era of COVID-19 will be very obvious to you when you enter our office. We look forward to seeing you soon.