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Tooth Whitening At Home or In the Dentist’s Office

If you are embarrassed of your smile because it is discolored or yellow, a whitening treatment can help improve the appearance of your teeth. We understand that your smile can either make or break a good first impression, and that is why we strive to bring you only the most effective teeth whitening methods. Our teeth whitening treatments, both at home and in our Hunt Valley, MD dentist office, can erase years of stubborn stains off your teeth so that you can look more attractive and feel more confident.

How Do Teeth Get Discolored?

Even if you’ve faithfully cared for your teeth by brushing and flossing as recommended by your dentist, discoloration of your teeth will still occur naturally over time. This process can also be hastened along by other factors such as smoking or chewing tobacco or daily drinking of coffee, tea, cola or red wine. Even using certain prescription medications can cause discoloration.

Following your dentist’s recommendation of brushing twice daily and flossing at least once daily can slow this process down and help your smile stay brighter and healthier longer. However, it cannot reverse this process.

The Impacts of Gum Disease

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our fastest method of teeth whitening is the in-office procedure. This takes a little over an hour and can produce results up to ten shades lighter. Results will depend on the severity and source of stains on the patient’s teeth, with certain stains being more difficult to erase completely. Your dentist will discuss expected results prior to your treatment during your consultation.

We use Venus MAX in-office teeth whitening at our Hunt Valley area dental office. Venus White Max has a unique formula to decrease sensitivity associated with teeth bleaching, making it more comfortable compared to other in-office teeth whitening treatments.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Our most convenient method for removing stains from your tooth enamel is at-home teeth whitening. This method utilizes custom-fitted trays created in the office and maximum strength bleaching gel. The take home kit will provide results far superior to over the counter options such as whitening strips and toothpastes that you may see for sale at your local drugstore.

At home, you will fill the trays with gel and fit them over your teeth for the prescribed amount of time daily, often overnight while you sleep. The bleaching gel will remove stains and, because it contains fluoride, it will also reduce sensitivity and strengthen your enamel. After about a week of regular use, your teeth will look dramatically whiter.

Teeth Whitening in Hunt Valley, MD

To discuss which teeth whitening treatment would work best for your dental hygiene goals, schedule an appointment with Valley Dental Health by calling 443-733-6613 or request an appointment online.