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Get To Know Dr. Roham Rafat

Valley Dental Health is home to Dr. Roham Rafat, one of the most highly trained dentists in the Baltimore area.


He is a specialist in periodontics and prosthodontics, bringing patients the highest level of care for dental implants and implant-supported dentures. Read our interview with Dr. Rafat below!

What made you pursue a career in dentistry?

“I always wanted to be in the healthcare field. I went to college thinking I wanted to be a pediatrician. I volunteered at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center’s NICU and couldn’t see myself pursuing that field after that experience. I finished my pre-med at Dartmouth which allowed me to pursue dentistry.

I actually came upon dentistry by accident. I had been unsuccessful in obtaining gainful employment in the art world (classical archaeology was my college major). So after a day of unsuccessful interviews at art galleries in DC, I went to a bar, where I met a dentist who had just landed his “dream job” at a pediatric dentist office in McLean, VA. He told me that the owner had trained several dental assistants who went on to dental school, and if I had considered being a physician I should also consider dentistry because “we make people smile!”

So I applied, got the job as a dental assistant, and was accepted to the University of Maryland Dental School 4 months later.”

What is your favorite thing about being a dentist?

“Meeting people and getting to see them for snippets of their personal histories, and to actually be a part of those personal histories. Sometimes I play a significant part in their personal histories and that means a lot to me – I’ll never take that for granted. And when one person becomes two, and then they bring little ones into the mix – that’s a special thing to be a part of to whatever capacity my patients allow me to be.”

What service do you enjoy providing for patients the most? Why?

“That’s easy. IV sedation, full-mouth implant rehabilitation, and complete dentures. These are the end of the road type of services for patients, and unfortunately, that opens up the potential for some serious negative experiences for patients. I have the training and the desire to take on these challenging cases and I know that combination is rare in dentistry.”

What is the best piece of dental advice that you have to offer your patients?

“That’s even easier. Brush and floss from the day you have teeth in your mouth. Dentistry is an amazing service but it’s still a repair!”

What is a fun fact about yourself that many patients do not know?

“My prized possession is a movie-quality 17-piece Darth Vader costume from the Episode V, including the lightsaber. And yes – I wear it.”

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