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How Can Technology Improve Your Dental Care?

The field of dentistry has been the recipient and benefactor of the advances made in a range of technologies, from digital diagnostics to improved materials with superior adhesive properties. As a full-service dental practice, Valley Dental Health has been an early adopter of dental technology in an effort to offer our patients the best possible experience and the most accurate and stable results. Drs. Rafat and Izadi are committed to ongoing education and staying on top of emerging technologies, techniques and materials applicable to all aspects of your dental care.

What is digital dentistry?

The use of digital technology in dentistry can begin at the front desk on our secure, encrypted, and HIPPA compliant server. Our office uses digital record keeping that incorporates your personal information, dental records, insurance details and other pertinent documentation without the need for paper files. Stored on our computer and patient management system, this information can be shared with other specialists as needed and maintains your ongoing dental history.

Digital x-rays, although now considered commonplace, are a major advancement for use in dentistry. They reduce exposure to radiation and provide high resolution images immediately for analysis on our computer system. Easy to share with patients, digital diagnostics have improved accuracy and the treatment planning process for more advanced restorative and cosmetic procedures. Valley Dental Health has an in-office CBCT scanning machine that provides both 2-D and 3-D images, often necessary when planning dental implants for the best possible result.

Digital dentistry includes the use of CAD/CAM technology for Invisalign® and digital impressions that eliminate the need for gooey impressions trays. We also use digital technology when screening for oral cancer using a hand-held laser device that can spot very early changes in tissue that would not be obvious to the naked eye.

Digital technology can make your visit with us more pleasant, efficient and successful. Ready to learn more? Ask about how these technologies work during your next visit with us in our Hunt Valley dental office- or schedule an appointment as a new patient and join our dental family.