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How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help Me?

For people who live with crooked teeth, cosmetic dentistry may be the right choice. Traditional metal braces used to be one of the only options to fix crooked teeth, but now there are a variety of modern cosmetic dental treatments available. Hunt Valley, MD dentist office Valley Dental Health offers these — and many more — cosmetic treatments to restore your smile. Your solution may be simpler than you think!

Invisible Braces

Teeth can shift around in the mouth even after someone has had braces, but fixing the misalignments doesn’t have to involve a second round of metal braces. Invisalign is a discreet, effective way to properly align crooked teeth over a period of six months to two years.

Clear aligners are custom-fitted to the patient’s mouth, and they are comfortable enough to be worn all the time except to eat, brush your teeth, or clean them. How long your specific treatment will take depends on the severity of the misalignment and whether any adjustments to the bite have to be made. Your dentist will develop a treatment plan for you based on your individual situation, and Invisalign does not normally require an orthodontist.


Dental veneers are mounted on top of crooked teeth, straightening your smile quickly and with relatively little discomfort as there is with braces. Some dentists even consider porcelain veneers to be a suitable alternative to invisible clear braces, depending on the severity of your condition. Your dentist will be able to determine if porcelain veneers or invisible braces are the best solution for you. As they are constructed of porcelain, veneers are resistant to stains and can last a long time — sometimes more than twenty years.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a painless means of correcting uneven or crooked teeth.  Your dentist applies a composite resin to the front surface of the problem tooth or teeth.  Bonding, also referred to as cosmetic bonding, is the ideal for closing those annoying gaps between teeth, reshaping teeth and even lightening dark or yellowed teeth.

Although it may be surprising, cosmetic bonding is a minimally invasive procedure.  There is no need for needles or anesthesia. Cosmetic bonding can be applied in a single office visit.  Cosmetic bonding produces natural-looking results, letting you feel free to once again smile as much and as wide as you want to smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Hunt Valley, MD

You don’t need to be unhappy with your smile when a cosmetic dentist can bring out the best it. A cosmetic dentist can correct alignment issues, crooked teeth and more. If you want to enhance your smile, then give Valley Dental Health a call at 443-733-6613 or contact us online. And be on your way to a healthier and brighter smile today!