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Are All-On-Four Implants Right For Me?

You can change your life in just one visit to our Cockeysville, MD dentist office. Valley Dental Health offers a revolutionary treatment that can replace a full arch of missing teeth in just one day. Using as few as four dental implants, Valley Dental Health can remove teeth, place implants and secure a dental restoration in as little as one trip to our dentist office.

All About All On Four

All-On-Four is a state of the art cosmetic dental technique that allows your Valley Dental Health dentist to replace missing teeth with a combination of dental implants and dentures in only one visit. Using state of the art 3-D imaging technology and precise and extensive treatment planning, patients with compromised bone structure can now benefit from dental implants.

These patients– who would previously have needed expensive and uncomfortable bone graft surgeries to build up their jaw bone tissue to support implants — can now receive dental restorations (dentures) that are permanently secured by at least 4 dental implants (hence the name).

For patients dealing with the frustration of loose-fitting denture, All-On-Four can secure the dentures for a more comfortable and better functioning bite. Dental implant secured dentures also improve the integrity of the jaw bone tissues, reducing the risk of some issues like mouth regression.

With just four tiny titanium dental implants, your dentist can secure a denture for a better fit dental restoration with added oral health benefits. As previously mentioned, dental implants help prevent bone deterioration, crooked teeth, and even additional tooth loss. Patients who receive implant-secured dental restorations can smile confidently, without worrying that their dental restoration will slip out.

Dental implants are designed to restore a healthy, confident smile for people with missing teeth and All On Four simplifies the process for those who are missing many teeth or are lacking suitable jawbone tissue for implants where they need them most. Valley Dental Health will help patients learn how to properly care for their implants for long term success. 

With the All On Four procedure, four dental implants will be embedded in the jaw bone in locations where the bone structure is still healthy. Temporary dental restorations will be placed at the time of treatment but, once the site has fully healed and the implants have bonded with the jawbone, the final restoration will be permanently attached.

When finished, your implant-secured dental restorations, made from highly durable and natural looking material, will look, feel and function just like it was all your natural teeth.

Schedule A Consultation

Valley Dental Health offers dental implant consultations in our Cockeysville office, convenient to Hunt Valley. These appointments provide the opportunity for you to talk to one of our skilled and professional dentists to learn more about how dental implants can restore your smile. To schedule your consultation, request an appointment online or call 443-733-6613 today.