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What Happens After Invisalign Treatment?

How do you keep your teeth straight? Will Invisalign results last forever? Once you complete orthodontic treatment, you may wonder what’s next. Whether you received treatment with traditional braces or modern alternatives like Invisalign, you must maintain your results to keep your teeth straight. As your cosmetic dentist in the Cockeysville, MD, area, we want to help you learn the best ways to maintain straight, healthy teeth after Invisalign treatment in our office.

Invisalign Cockeysville MD

Caring For Your Smile After Cosmetic Treatment in Cockeysville, MD

You need to wear a retainer after completing an Invisalign treatment. A retainer is an orthodontic device that helps keep teeth in place following treatment with braces or clear aligners. Retainers help prevent orthodontic relapse. Orthodontic relapse occurs when the teeth return to their original positions following an orthodontic treatment.

Patients who complete orthodontic treatment need a retainer to keep their teeth straight. If patients stop wearing their retainers, they may require more orthodontic treatment, oftentimes Invisalign treatment, as their teeth can shift but may not require extensive care.

What are the Types of Orthodontic Retainers?

There are multiple types of retainers offered to patients following orthodontic treamtnet. One common retainer is a removable clear plastic retainer. These retainers hold teeth in their precise position and also protect the teeth. Removable Halwey wire retainers help settle the bite and can be tightened or repaired.

While they are less discreet than clear retainers, they can last long. Bonded permanent retainers are permanently glued behind the teeth, which means they will not require replacement and will not be lost. However, patients with bonded permanent retainers need to clean their retainers carefully.

How to Care for Orthodontic Retainers

As with Invisalign aligners, you should not eat with removable retainers on your teeth. Remove these types of retainers to eat and drink. You can clean your retainers with cool water. Never use hot water, as this can damage or warp your retainers. Patients with bonded retainers need to clean around their retainer gently and ensure that they do not eat foods that are too hard for their retainer.

You must wear your retainers for as long as you want straight teeth. Patients who fail to wear their retainers often enough may find it painful to wear their retainers. We can provide replacement retainers if patients experience damage or wear to their retainers. Wearing a retainer will keep the teeth in place and prevent shifting and crooked teeth.

Care for your teeth after Invisalign treatment to keep your teeth straight. Contact Valley Dental Health for care today at 443-733-6613. You may also schedule a dental appointment with us online. Please let us know if you have any questions about your retainers or need a replacement for a lost or damaged retainer.